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5 Amazing Oral Sex Tips That Will Blow Your Man Away In Bed

A marriage without a good sex life is not good at all. Everyone loves sex, as it satisfies basic carnal needs. One important aspect of a good sex life is foreplay. Foreplay is important in a marriage, oral sex being one of the main aspects of this part of one’s sex life. Oral sex is all about giving out pleasure to one’s partner. Great sex will follow great foreplay. When women fail to give oral sex to their men, they may look elsewhere for satisfaction. That is why it is important to know how to really please your man in the oral sex department. Given that men may not tell you what they really want, here are few oral sex tips every woman can use to blow her man away in bed.

Slow Down the Pace

Some people tend to rush oral sex. It is important to avoid this and begin by moving slowly. Don’t be in a hurry. You can get closer to his member with your lips or tongue without touching it, to create anticipation. Let him feel your breath on his sensitive parts which will turn him on. Open your mouth wide as you insert his member in to avoid nicking him with your teeth. Caress his member with your mouth in a way that is firm but sensual.

Use Your Hands

The more the contact, the more he enjoys. Move your hands over his shaft, and if you can do it in tandem with your mouth, tongue, and lips, that is even better. Once again be firm but sensual. Squeezing too hard with ruin the moment.

Apply Your Tongue

The penis is very sensitive. The frenulum, which is the underside of the penis, is full of nerves. When you lick this part directly or flick it using your tongue, you give your man an unusual pleasure. Moving your tongue over the head and the neck of his penis will also blow him away.

Show Him Excitement

Many women fail during oral sex because they do not seem into it. It is important that you show him your enthusiasm, and this will definitely turn him on. Showing your passion and excitement for your partner shows him how badly you need him and makes oral sex enjoyable.

Hire Professional Help

If you are an adventurous girl, you could always hire an escort from https://charlotteaction.org to help you learn. Or you could even take the fun even further if you like and try a threesome with your man.

Oral sex is crucial, and every woman can be very good at it with attention to detail and a desire to please her man. Once you follow these tips, you will keep your marriage strong and happy, at least in the area of your sex life anyway.