My boyfriend broke up with me and decided to become a Wokingham Escorts to move on

It was painful for me to break with the love of my life. We used to share good times together. I treat him like my world and do everything he says. I thought our relationship together is enough. I thought he loves me, but I was wrong. The most painful is I allow him to make me look crazy in front of everyone. He shames me publicly, and that was not easy. He always makes me do things I do not like but force to it since I do not have any option. I love him so much that losing him is my greatest fear. According to Wokingham escorts of


Michael is the only person I love. He is my first crush, my first boyfriend, and everything. We are neighbors, at first he always ignore me and tell me bad things. He is the leader of bullies and every day he makes me cry. But despite it, I do still like him. My mom always prepares me for food for snacks, and I will give it to Michael. But in front of me, he will throw it away and say ugly to me. It pains me everytime he does not accept the stuff I want to give him. I look crazy in front of her friends and mine. My friends always advised me that he is not reasonable to me, that he does not deserve any kindness.


One time, my friend told me that Michael was an accident and I rush into him. While I was helping him, he keeps pushing me away, and I call an ambulance to bring him to the hospital. Michael was crying so much, and her parents come over. Since that day, he stops to bully me and accepts my presence. Years passed when we were in college, my love for him is still the same and do the same thing for him. I don’t care I look crazy at least he allows it. I did not expect that he and I will have a romantic night together. I woke with his side, and it was the most beautiful moments in my entire life. We become a couple, but he is not proud of having me. He shamed me to his friends and family and only us know the relationship. To the point that he becomes violent and keep beating me. My patience has ended and decided to break up with him.


Even though of his wrong treatments towards me, I still find it hard to move on. I decided to become a Wokingham Escorts; I can meet many people and keep myself busy. Later on, I have entirely move forward in my life and enjoy myself as a Wokingham Escorts

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